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Truth about Ozone Generators

Ozone Clouds Truth
Ozone Clouds Truth

The Truth about Ozone Generators that are used in the mold, odor, restoration business, etc… Most of the people and companies that sell them will never tell you the truth and some in fact outright lie and misrepresent there product(s).
When it is stated that the Ozone Generator produces Xg/hr that is what you must look out for. The truth is that the ratings is 100% dependent on the machine receiving 95% oxygen. with out an oxygen source added to the machine the most Ozone output that any machine is able to produce is about 21% of the stated rating.
With an Oxygen source the output will be greater to a degree that is in direct correlation with the ambient air which is 21% Oxygen compared to the pure Oxygen that is induced into a machine. We here at No More Odor are in the process of applying for a provisional patent for an Ozone Generator with multipurpose use that will allow the end user to have the ability to induce O2 into the system.